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Test bench for solid propellant rocket engines


Introduction, novelty and relevance

Mid XX century. The beginning of the era of space flights was the birthday of rocket and space modeling. At first, aircraft were created for purely educational purposes and were based on simple design solutions, but soon amateur rocketry became a technical sport.

Currently, this area is spread throughout the world. In addition to individual rocket modelers, there are whole groups of enthusiasts who want to participate in the conquest of space. However, development in the space industry is very labor intensive, and most importantly, it requires an impressive amount of financial resources. Thus, there has always been a demand for efficient and at the same time easy-to-use and inexpensive technologies that allow accurate and clear calculations.

The novelty of the project lies in the use of Arduino hardware and software, and the relevance lies in the fact that the design features of the unit provide for its use in rocket modeling circles, non-profit amateur associations, as well as in professional technology.

Hardware of the IST-1 installation



Functional and technical requirements, fire test plan

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