Изготовлены печатные платы ракетного электронного таймера АПК-М, собранного на отечественной элементной базе.


A multi-channel remote control system for the safe ignition of pyrotechnic products has been developed.

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During the test flight, the ETR-2 rocket reached a height of 115 m, after which it smoothly descended with a signal smoke bomb. On-board computer Prima P3  worked normally.

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Flight tests of the prototype ETR-1 missile.

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A prototype of the solid propellant engine-P1-1 was developed and tested.



07/18/2021 - 07/25/2021

A number of tests of various compositions of mixed solid rocket fuel were carried out in the process of studying the influence of the most important parameters of solid propellant rocket engines on the laws of combustion of fuel charges.

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Test solid propellant rocket motor 300 N. from. The massive plank began to slide over the concrete base when the rocket engine reached its maximum thrust force of 190 N. All structural elements remained intact. The information on the storage device has been preserved.

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Testing of constructive innovations and updated software of the IST-1 stand. Fire tests of solid propellant rocket motors 30 N. s. and 50 N. with.

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The first firing test of a solid-propellant rocket engine was carried out for the IST-1 stand. Video recording