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High-voltage adjustable switching power supply

Circuit diagram

График зависимости напряжения на вторичной обмотке трансформатора от частоты переменного тока



Fundamentals of hydrogen energy. water electrolysis

To study the processes of water electrolysis and the combustion of Brown's gas (a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen 2:1), two compact experimental devices of the "Anod" series were designed.

This type of structures differs in the location of the electrodes. The body of the device serves as a container for the electrolyte and as a cathode, on which hydrogen is released, which flows through the filtration chamber to the outside. During the electrolysis process, the body heats up and catalyzes the water decomposition reaction.


Oxygen is released at the anode, made in the form of an M5 steel screw, which is screwed into a hermetic plexiglass plug, which makes it possible to periodically replace the oxidized part in order to achieve greater accuracy of the experiments.

Two variants of the electrolyte were tested: with sodium alkali and potassium alkali. The first variant (H2O + NaOH), taken in a mass ratio of 10:1, turned out to be the most productive. ​


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