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Suborbital meteorological rocket "Tobol"

Objectives of the project

  1. Conduct a study of the lower layer of the earth's atmosphere, the troposphere, using a high-precision air temperature and humidity sensor.

  2. Reach the apogee of the rocket's flight path at 1 km above sea level and land at a safe vertical speed of about 5 m / s.

  3. Determine the exact location of the aircraft using GPS coordinates.

The rocket design is based on additive technologies. A damaged part, such as a stabilizer, can be replaced with a 3D printed copy. The aft part is made of carbon fiber, most of the mountings are screw.


High output radio modules allow two-way communication between the command center and the missile.


Аппаратное обеспечение полетного контроллера

Графики изменения основных параметров полета с течением времени

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